Outer Rim Part I: Beyond The Veil

by Ghost Warfare

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Outer Rim I: Beyond The Veil is our second album. It is also the first part of an epic cosmological, philosophical and some might say - occult saga, that tells the tales of Earth and Stars, ages past and gone and why, how and where humans came to be.

This is an upgraded version of the album with the vocals of our newest addition to the band Ganiela Ganeva recorded and added and also better mastering. Enjoy! :)


released July 14, 2014

All music written by Georgy Latev. All lyrics and vocal melodies written by Dimitar Naydev. All instruments recorded by Georgy Latev. except drums on songs 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 - recorded by Nikola Nikolov. All vocals recorded by Dimitar Naydev and Ganiela Ganeva. Cover art by Elka Lateva (www.elkalateva.com), editing and design - Dimitar Naydev.



all rights reserved


Ghost Warfare Haskovo, Bulgaria

Ghost Warfare is a metal band from Haskovo, Bulgaria. Since there in not enough space here visit our facebook page (the "about" section) for the full bio.

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Track Name: Whisper
Track Name: Beyond The Veil
Great Mulin Arch,
father of land.

Make the ground collide,
rise mountains high and
scratch the northern sky
to light the fire of (life).

Great Mulin Arch,
father of land.

There, down below,
the Earth is raging,
time begins to flow
the Gods are fading, Ohh..

They must find a way to come with me
across the vast, endless sea.
Million lights retold forgotten tales
preserve the land beyond the..

Great Mulin Arch,
father of land.

Down, below your sight,
your suns are raving,
mother Earth will cry
for they will all soon die.

They must find a way to come with me
Across the vast, endless sea.
Million lights retold forgotten tales
preserve the land beyond the.. Veil!

And they ventured forth...

Bright shining spheres,
simple and clear.
Still can recall when they
all went away.

Reborn into existence.
senses froze in persistence.
what could have happened here?
to make them.. disappear?

Bright shining spheres,
simple and clear.
Read in their truthful glare,
find the true heir.

Having set their gaze
upon the stars.
They red the past
and future wars.

A scent of doubt
disrupted the stream,
a massive disturbance,
an almighty scream.
The pain was so strong
and yet to be seen,
that it echoed across,
as if always have been.

Dark ache, foul stain,
strives to remain,
shifts from inside,
draws all life.

The illusion of time
convulsed and then shattered,
an essence divine
torn apart from it's matter.

Bright shining spheres,
help us, oh hear..

Altered heroes,
broken mirrors,
ash to dust and
love to lust.

Trapped in their lives.
Track Name: Oasis In The Space
Track Name: Warden Diamond
Brave you are, but still - you're useless,
they know of your dreams, your searches,
when it must be done, it's your turn,
fade you may if fail to sky high.

We will use our magical instincts,
we will cross the time and the space,
hope to find the warden diamond,
hope to find the origin, the truth.

Leave all your fears behind,
search for the being inside.
It will know what you seek to find,
it's just you, it's in your mind.

It's in your mind.

Go and use your magical instincts
on a quest to bring the holy truth.
Fly to warden diamond and visit
the four connected as if they are one.

One looks as paradise,
one looks like hell in ice.
One looks as pillar of eyes,
one looks at you trough it's skies.

I'm caught now in the unknown
tracing the blood of the stone.

The blood of the stone..
Is in the unknown..
The blood of the stone...
The blood of the stone!
Track Name: The Eye Of Aldur
A stone. an orb of power.
A stone...

That stone - Aldur's eye.
That stone, now it's MINE!

Aaarrrgggh, it burns,
to hold this stone forever!
It hurts, I'm not so pure, I'm better!

His stone, a light of God.
His stone.. Why... Why?

That stone, a will of fire.
That stone, my.. desire!

Aaaarrgggh, the flames,
the lights, the heat, the pyre!
Can't.. hold.. Meant for a god, I'm HIGHER!

This bond destroying me,
the eye won't close, it's free!

The stone, the orb of power.
The stone..

That stone, Aldur's eye.
That stone, forever.. mine..

With me! Now I can clearly see.
With me! I'm not free!

Why me?! The stone devoured me!
Why me?! I Was a fool!
Track Name: Loud Magnetism
Can you hear them? Can you see them?
Still you fear them and you're living..

Foul life, mere existence,
death waves crushing your spiritual side.

Blade of the fallen one twisted,
poised to strike at command.
Silent screams of the gifted,
their brains failing and
hope with them surely dies.

How could one decide,
before their eyes,
a way to hide, remain in wait
and live the end.

Morbid fashions distinctive,
drawing reason and sight.
Old ways gone extinctive -
hold on, majesty,
why don't you wait for your prize?

Slaves marching proud
on holy ground.
Blindly they stare,
but could not bare
to face the glare.

Accursed feed,
out of machine.
Disrupting sound,
inside, around.

Burnt from inside,
nothing to hide,
like was foretold
you sold your souls
for useless gold.

As the end neared,
they felt nervous, they feared.
Deep, in their every cell,
they knew, it was.. hell.
Track Name: Perfidy Act I: The Fort
Take him down, brake his crown.

Cry, my sovereign,
you're stripped from the divine!
Try ordering
the ones you've left behind!

You owe your lives to my kin.
Do you know what we've sacrificed to come this far?

This insurgence waged against me,
marks.. your.. own.. fall.

Die, my sovereign,
it's who will obey!
In here, in this labyrinth,
of pleasures and decay!

These world are not of your mind.
Fed with lies you seek to doom your only chance.

The one who has promised freedom
will.. make.. you.. bow.

They burned the lands to hunt me,
there's nothing left to do, I must depart at once.

The gate leads to hidden kingdoms
where.. I.. shall.. hide.

Left to rot and fester,
the human kingdoms,
soon became the hearth of depravity.
With the walls of order - crumbled,
and sanity - replaced by primeval needs.
Track Name: Witcher's Curse
A witcher -
professional monster slayer.

Sin and fear.

Sword? Sure!
And one for men.

Blood?! Yours!
But they were slain.

You shined your light
to expose their foul lies.
Hidden in shades
were the flesh tainting crimes.

Cold and devoted your logic is pure.
Bound by the oath you cleanse them like a cure.

Religious doubts..
Harsh.. believes.
Pitiful crowd..
Day of fear.

Who is their king?
Rise, to hear!
Take a part...
Choose a side - nor wrong, nor right.

Out, children of night,
and visions of blight are..
.. calling you, calling you, step out, it's near.

Thought (that) you could evade, and live without hate..
.. never take sides on maters of men!

With you, or without,
it's always about,
picking a side,
for money, or pride.

Money or pride!
Their nature is blind.
Fight them or die..
Fight them or die!
Track Name: Shadows Of The Labyrinth
Run, your majesty,
hide your sanity.
Keep the words of thee
It's your legacy.

Falling shades craw to devour...
What!?.. that feeling!
Form the land, then call the hour..
.. am I.. I'm bleeding!

Run, your majesty,
hide your sanity.
Keep the words of thee
It's your legacy.

Stream of light project the desire.
I, I see how!
You won't be burned, you are the fire.
Yes, I know now.

The shadows will come,
the darkness will grow!

I was born with broken eyes,
blind I roamed.
Curse my fate, deny my rise,
my kingdom, my honor.

Ravage my lands, search for my powers,
climb up the hills and
break the seals, enter the tower
where your end begins!

The shadows will come,
the darkness will grow!

I alone in this night..
Fight - with thousands of thy kind.
I empowered the light.
Shine, but shadows were born of ones.

How they found their way here -
showed no weakness, no fear.
True and powerful seers,
cast their shadows trough time and space.

Come, realize, see the fight
where no one is right.
They all hold the believe
that they might win and live.
To arise and again
fill their lives with an aim.
To emerge and become
more than the shadow form.
And they'll not obey
no power, no way,
when the time freezes still
they will turn the wheel!

Time loose to chain the new masters of life!
Track Name: Trip
.. to gather
all sons of man

.. discovered
beyond the veil